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"Reach-ing" People

“You see that Psychic's parlor across the street?” She nodded. “You ever been in there?” She shrugged. “Yeah, once or twice. But the thing I hate about psychics is that...

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Plain Paper or Paper Plane?

I remember Muscle Men - does anyone else remember them?   I used to play with this bizarre toy of the 1980's until they sustained brutal and disfiguring injuries that...

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Rubiks Cubes and Fooling Rubes

I still remember the first time that I saw a Rubik's cube. I was about eight years old and visiting my grandmother's home in California. She had very nice belongings:...

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The Changing of The Guard

I was going to write about Ben Cardall's 'The Roobik Booklet", but after some lengthy thought, I've decided to put that post off until next week.  Instead, I thought I'd...

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413 Miracle Street

What do you see when you look at a house? What would your answer to that question be? "Some windows, a door, a roof, maybe a's a house."...

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