The Whisper Tapes Vol 3: Pocket Psychic by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)


The Whisper Tapes Vol 3: Pocket Psychic

In Volume 3, Le Val shares his absolute favourite full billet peek. Routines performed with this peek look like genuine psychic demonstrations! 

Using only a napkin, pocket square, bandana, small scarf or similar, you will have one of the simplest and cleanest full billet peeks ever!

With Pocket Psychic, not only can you secretly peek 100% of the billet, but the handling allows for a much longer peek, giving you enough time to fully absorb all of the information on the card/paper. This of course widens the possibilities of your routines and allows you to provide much more detailed revelations in your mentalism performances. 

Pocket Psychic comes with 2 method variations; a handling for seated performances and another for standing, so no matter what situation you find yourself in, you will always be able to effortlessly perform your new favourite peek! 

Points to remember:

  • No setup
  • No gimmicks
  • You can start and end clean
  • 100% full billet peek
  • Easy to perform 
  • Looks like genuine psychic ability 

Along with the methods, Le Val provides performance tips, justifications for using a bandana, scarf or napkin, and some extra ideas on what else you can use a scarf for in your performances too!

We love this peek, and we know you will too! Download and begin performing Pocket Psychic today! 


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The Whisper Tapes Vol 3: Pocket Psychic by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)