Peter Turner's Weekly Ramble Episode Two: Billets (Instant Download)


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In this video, Peter divulges his amazing thinking behind billet work; the gaining of information written on pieces of card or paper.


This is a no frills, 30 minute long video in which you will feel like you're sat in a comfortable setting with Peter, having a conversation about mentalism where he gives you his real work on the subject in hand.


In this video:

- You will learn some fantastic ideas and justifications for use with billet work.

- You will learn some very deceptive peeks and techniques with billets from Peter's working repertoire.

- You will learn some very clever routines that allow you to do reveals WITHOUT peeking the billet.

- And more!


This video will be best received by the intermediate mentalist, but the more advanced performers will also be able to draw valuable information from the one on one.