Zoom Fraser Parker's Episode 2: Name Divinations (Video Download)

Fraser Parker's Episode 2: Name Divinations (Video Download)


Fraser is back again in his second Mentalism video ramble on name divinations.

In this episode Fraser tips his approach to guessing names entirely prop-less, as well as sharing his thoughts on utilizing classic techniques.

He teaches you his acclaimed method ROSE which allows you to walk up to a complete stranger and with nothing on you reveal the name of someone they are only thinking of, in the course of giving a reading.

There is also Fraser's prop-less method from his limited edition book False Messiah which allows you to perform a name guess in reverse with the spectator guessing the name you are thinking. Again, with nothing written down.


Only words and their ability to shift the spectator's perception of reality are all that are used.


Fraser provides the PDF's for each of these effects with this download – so that you have the exact scripts and all of the subtleties Fraser now uses to blow people's minds.

Also included is a Devil's Advocate section where Peter Turner asks Fraser questions not often addressed to performers as well as a live uncut performance of ROSE performed by Fraser in the real world.




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Fraser Parker's Episode 2: Name Divinations (Video Download)