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A pure and direct billet peek for mind readers.

This technique allows you to very easily peek at 50% of a folded billet with no switches or unatural movements.

They draw or write anything on a blank business or index card, they fold it in half and hand it to you BEHIND YOUR BACK so there’s no way for you to peek, you inmediatly place the card inside an envelope or inside your wallet if you perform impromptu. Despite the impossible conditions you can reveal the information.

This is done with just one single index or blank business card and any pen.

Once you know this secret it will replace your favorite peek.

You will learn it in minutes, it’s practically self working, you end completely clean and most importantly looks like the real deal.

"...This is now one of my most used and valued mind reading techniques. It literally allows you to have someone think of anything and then reveal it with no fishing and with physical evidence as definite proof.

If you make the effort to learn this technique you will see how fair it plays, this is mind reading, pure and direct." -José Prager


Second edition May 2018, the handling was streamlined even more by José. 


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