Zoom D'Vice by Dee Christopher (Digital Version)

D'Vice by Dee Christopher (Digital Version)


In this 14 page PDF eBook, (with plenty of pictures!) Dee Christopher divulges a previously unpublished tool for mind reading, this has never seen print in any of his books, in any other downloads and has never been taught in any lectures to date.


This devious gimmick works as a stylish way to keep your business cards safe in your pocket, while also giving you the ability to not only peek any drawing or piece of writing your participant can think of, but also works as the perfect tool for your favourite “Out To Lunch” routines, it can even become an invisible magnetic hold out


A perfect item for the mentalist’s EDC, this item will take you minutes to make, with just a few items that are easily obtainable. (If you don’t already have them at home; which most performers will!)


There are no mirrors, no special pens, no lighting restrictions, no difficult moves, nothing. 


This is a diabolically clever device thats not only effective, but a lot of fun to use! 


Highly recommended and available exclusively at e-Mentalism.com



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D'Vice by Dee Christopher (Digital Version)