Fraser Parker´s Mentalism Ramble - Episode 1 - Reading Minds With Playing Cards (Video Download)


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Fraser Parker is back in front of the camera for the first in a series of unique ramblings on mentalism.

In these video downloads you will get to be a fly on the wall as Fraser goes about his everyday life sharing his ideas on specific topics in mentalism.

The first in the series was shot when Fraser was visiting with his good friend Peter Turner for one of their many jamming sessions and covers the use of playing cards in performances of modern mentalism.

Things covered in this 45 min ramble include Fraser's justification for using a deck of cards. How he forces specific playing cards physically and verbally as well as Ross Tayler's verbal card force “O”, first shared in Fraser's limited edition book “False Messiah”, esoteric meanings of playing cards. And a lot more.


Also includes a Devil's Advocate section where Peter & Fraser discuss the real work not often addressed by performers.

You will also receive the PDF for one of Fraser's ingenious name guesses “MOOL” that utilizes a deck of cards in a very cheeky and indirect way to allow you to always know the name your spectator is thinking of.




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