Zoom I Fall To Pieces by Fraser Parker (Digital Version)

I Fall To Pieces by Fraser Parker (Digital Version)


Harness the power to transfer a secret thought!

Fraser has decided to share one of his go to effects when he is performing close up.

I Fall to Pieces is Fraser's solid reverse pin guess where a spectator can successfully divine his pin number using their intuition.

This is a reliable, solid method.

Everything is justified theatrically and at no point does Fraser needs to peek or handle anything. 

This is easy to do and hits extremely hard in performance – as can be seen in the video above.

Fraser says this is a dream come true and a worker's delight.

First published in TFOBW by Robert Watkins and Lance Sinclair and in Jhana by Watkins.

Fraser has added additional important subtleties and ideas to this e-mentalism exclusive PDF, including a streamlined variation and reverse phone unlock idea by Ross Tayler.

Download instantly this powerful knowledge for just 12 USD today! 



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I Fall To Pieces by Fraser Parker (Digital Version)