Zoom I Fall To Pieces by Fraser Parker (eBook)

I Fall To Pieces by Fraser Parker (eBook)


Harness the power to transfer a secret thought!


Fraser has decided to share one of his go to effects when he is performing close up.


I Fall to Pieces is Fraser's solid reverse PIN guess where a spectator can successfully divine his PIN number using their intuition.


This is a reliable, solid method.


Everything is justified theatrically and at no point does Fraser needs to peek or handle anything. 


This is easy to do and hits extremely hard in performance – as can be seen in the video.


Fraser says this is a dream come true and a worker's delight.


First published in TFOBW by Robert Watkins and Lance Sinclair and in Jhana by Watkins.


Fraser has added additional important subtleties and ideas to this e-mentalism exclusive PDF, including a streamlined variation and reverse phone unlock idea by Ross Tayler.


I Fall To Pieces by Fraser Parker (eBook)


Customer Reviews

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Ryan Fricke
Keeps your pin codes safe

Fraser with this routine has created a very cool pin code divination style routine. I have never really liked pin code divination routines, due to the fact that they seem really invasive and could be off-putting to your spectators. However, that being said if you could truly read peoples minds, wouldn’t that be something that you would be interested in obtaining would be that information. This material is really awesome in the framing and the conceptual nature of the routine itself. The concept is very unique and does allow people to feel comfortable about the whole process. The fact that it jumps from you telling them their information, to the spectator as a mind reader is a nice shift. Thanks for this release

Judy Muniz

solid reverse pin guess that can be done anytime. Super easy to do and seems like the real deal.
Can’t go wrong for 12 dollars for this.

It is knowledge that once you have you are capable of doin g an apparently impossible feat.

Drew Backenstoss
Would have been 5 stars if I didn't already own "Jhana" from Watkins...but this is a SOLID prop-l...

If you already own TFOBW or Jhana than the only new information that you'll glean from "I Fall to Pieces" is found in the Additional Thoughts section when Fraser shares two strategies to simplify and streamline the springboard process. These are simple (and in hindsight obvious) "shortcuts" that I will DEFINITELY use but credit to Fraser for thinking of them! As the ad copy also mentions, Fraser tips an idea from Ross Tayler that leverages the underlying mechanics to allow a participant to unlock YOUR phone. Whether or not you feel these three ideas justify a $12 price tag is up to you.

Apart from the Additional Thoughts section, I actually prefer the write up found in TFOBW and Jhana as it provides more comprehensive information about various elements of the routine (including some FANTASTIC scripting/framing by Peter Turner).

IN CONCLUSION: If you don't already own TFOBW or Jhana but like the idea of a reverse PIN guess than this is an extremely worthwhile release. The manner by which you obtain the initial piece of information is clean, reliable, and will fly past MOST people (there is one consideration in terms of audience selection when other techniques might be best to use). I'm also pleased to see that this was priced so affordably, and FAIRLY, at $12. I can highly recommend this to those looking for a solid and reliable prop-less PIN reveal.