Zoom IQPA by Jose Prager (Digital Version)

IQPA by Jose Prager (Digital Version)

IPQA is José Prager's advacement on the concept of the progressive anagram.
From José: After using progressive anagrams in my professional performances for many years, I have found the following notes to be true:


- Most of the time when using progressive anagrams, the choices seem significantly limited.
- Often when calling out many letters, the process can feel like a game of hangman.
- After more than two negative responses it felt like I was simply fishing to get the thought.
- Why do I receive the letters in a random order? It didn't make sense.
- I had to hide the negative responses since they were the core of the secret.
- Most progressive anagrams require a lot of memorisation in order for them to flow correctly.
Through much experimentation, I gradually managed to eliminate everything I did not like about previously published progressive anagrams. In doing so, I created my IQPA’s.
Contained within the pages of this document are the secrets to creating pure and direct propless mentalism demonstrations which work 100% of the time.

There is no pipe dreams here, no methods that are transparent or ineffective; this is the real work on propless mentalism from one of the new forces pushing close up mentalism into the 21st century!

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IQPA by Jose Prager (Digital Version)