Zoom Oracle by Ross Tayler and Fraser Parker (Digital Version)

Oracle by Ross Tayler and Fraser Parker (Digital Version)


Oracle (Zakuna) is an ingenious peek method by Ross Tayler and Fraser Parker.

This is their perfected solution for the use of a physical peek method within the context of believeable performances of Mentalism/ Psychic entertainment.

A spectator writes a few general ideas down on a piece of paper and then fold the paper into quarters and place it onto the table. Then without any moves or tears the performer is able to gain instant access to the information.

That's right. All that is used is a piece of normal folded paper that always stays in it's folded state!

It is never torn, buckled or unfolded in any way, yet you are always able to naturally gain your peek without needing to rush or worry about getting caught thanks to Ross and Fraser's devious psychology and the routining they apply to this ground-breaking peek.

This peek is best suited to more casual, intimate and conversational performances within the context of psychic entertainment and with the aesthetic of a psychic reading.

And it is for this reason Ross and Fraser believe this to be the perfect peek tool – for this type of situation – when used in the right hands.

From the limited edition book Second Coming, available for the first time as an instant download.


Oracle by Ross Tayler and Fraser Parker (Digital Version)


Customer Reviews

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Ryan Fricke

Oracle is a very unique and bold concept when it comes to the idea of a full billet peek. Within this method there are a few methods taught, one is a completely unfolded piece of paper peek with very strong psychology. While the main Oracle method that is being taught uses a regular sized sheet of paper folded into quarters. While this method is very bold is certainly flies over the head of everyone watching or participating in the demonstration. The method is so natural and unassuming you will be surprised how well it works, also the psychology of the effect is so well structured. This is a very well thought out peek, nice work on this piece.

Lucas C
Perfect peek for a lot of information

If you need to get a lot of information read from a billet, this is the only peek you should even consider. It opens the ability to peek 5-6 pieces of information from one billet, then reveal them at different parts of the routine in different ways.

Hool Doom
my new favourite peek

This is really good.

Seriously, it's invisible, one piece of paper, they write or draw or whatever, fold it on the table, they can check that you can't see through, you never unfold it, tear it, or do any funny move [no sleight of hand, no switch, nothing] and you can get your peek anytime during the routine, even surrounded. It's really that good.
The only downside might be that if you are performing somewhere where the lighting is poor, you might not be able to get a clear peek, but then again i haven't encountered that problem yet.

I don't really have that many peeks that I use often aside from acidus novus, but this one is one that use and will use very often.

Fraser and Ross give you a certain type of routine in which Oracle is best used, but I will add that this is a great peek for drawing duplication, especially if, as i said, you perform in dim lighting.

The bonus by Ross is a really, REALLY BOLD peek, I personally think it's genius, but it will not be for everyone, as it is, very **** bold. Worth a try tho.

And it's a bargain.