Zoom Phishing by Drew Backenstoss (Digital Version)

Phishing by Drew Backenstoss (Digital Version)

PHISHING provides a sneak peek at Drew's soon-to-be-released debut book Architect of the Mind.
This POWERHOUSE routine works equally as well as an impromptu demonstration as it does in a formal performance when your reputation is on the line. 
Here is what the audience experiences:
You display a list of the "Top 25 Most Popular Passwords" and invite two people to merely think of one password each. Demonstrating how your skill-set might be used for nefarious purposes you hack into the first person's mind and reveal his freely thought of password. Then, taking things to an entirely new level, you work with the second participant to reveal details about one of her childhood memories. 
There is no pre-show and nothing is ever written down. This is best suited for US audiences but the framework taught can be adjusted to accommodate any language and nationality.
With PHISHING you will ALWAYS be ready to give an astonishing performance of powerful and convincing mind


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Phishing by Drew Backenstoss (Digital Version)