Zoom Real Time by Peter Turner (eBook)

Real Time by Peter Turner (eBook)


"Each of these effects I have worked in many close-up situations and when performed with conviction absolutely blow the mind of the audience.

I have tried to cover a mixed bag of material to breathe some variety into this PDF and have even shared personal scripts and subtleties that I use in my close up set. The material shared packs small and plays hard."

-Peter Turner 2017




How is it possible to create something beautiful from something so chaotic?

Peter Turner's practically self-working miracle using a regular deck of cards and the mind of two participants.

Peter has fooled some of the greatest card magicians in the world with this one.


The Reverse Restriction Principle

Learn how Peter uses this principle to guess the value of a coin someone is merely thinking of, with zero props!


The Phantom Dictionary Test

The performer asks an audience to create a dictionary in their mind, think of a word from within that dictionary and then is able to quickly deduce the word with no props at all!


Peter's take on multiple-outs.

This is so good!

Peter teaches you how to create the most practical multiple-out system for close-up situations ever!

You are already carrying it with you everyday without having a clue.


A Little Cheeky Essay & Effect

Reveal a thought of name before revealing their card!

A name revelation that requires just a deck of cards, no strange procedures and works 100% of the time.


Missing In Action

Using this knowledge your will be able to read four people's minds to get a PIN code they've just secretly created! 


This is an e-mentalism exclusive release.

Each copy is individually secretly marked to prevent piracy.


34 pages of pure Peter Turner genius!

Download now and learn the secrets today!



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Real Time by Peter Turner (eBook)