Zoom Separation Anxiety by Watkins (eBook)

Separation Anxiety by Watkins (eBook)


Separation Anxiety performance.


This routine is an excerpt from Watkins limited edition hardbound book, "Positive / Negative".

With the techniques you learn in this manuscript you will be able to 'steal' a random strangers Bank PIN from their mind. They will have absolutely no memory of their code.

You will then 'put the thought back in their head' by revealing the PIN, ultimately proving your ability to pluck a thought from someones mind!

This routine is a perfect introduction to hypnosis, as there are fail-safe 'outs' throughout every step of the performance!

This kind of effect ought to be used with caution and care, as it can be misused in the wrong hands.

Perform responsibly!


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Separation Anxiety by Watkins (eBook)