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Hellstromism (eBook)

Hellstromism (eBook)

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Master the art of psychic entertainment—pure skill, no gimmicks.


The first and only true explanation of the miraculous feats of the late Axel Hellstrom, mindreader supreme—the man who baffled many of the world’s most scientific and magical minds. A topic of conversation wherever presented.


Magicians, students of the occult, psychic entertainers, scientists and profound thinkers alike have long sought... THE TRUE SECRET OF GENUINE MIND READING


No gimmicks. No stooges. No electronics. No mirrors. Nothing prearranged.


Any time, any place, and with any group of honest, sincere spectators, the psychic entertainer allows the spectators to merely think of certain actions—mental commands—which he promptly performs. A few of the possible tests:


To find hidden objects
To deliver sealed messages to an unknown addressee
To obey mental commands such as ‘take Mr. A’s handkerchief and place it on Megan’s head’
To unscrew an electric bulb and place it in the refrigerator
To turn out the lights
To remove John’s shoe, untie and remove the laces, then tie them around another spectator’s wrist
To locate the performer’s check that is hidden somewhere in the audience
Etc., etc.


Thousands of similar tests are possible. And let us remind you that the actions to be performed are known only to the subject. They are not written down or confided to anyone in advance. This superb dual effect does not employ any stooges or confederates. It is strictly a one-man presentation and suitable for presentation under practically all circumstances. The performer is under complete control of the situation at all times. Can be performed under true test conditions.


Every phase is covered in detail, from choosing and working with subjects to suggesting performance routines. You’ll learn everything you need to know to begin developing your own abilities, as well as what is required to take your performance to the next level.




This bonus secret not only is it fail-safe, but for some viewers, it may make the act even more compelling than traditional Hellstromism.


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