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Jose Prager

True Secrets of Mind Reading - The Drawing Duplication Act

True Secrets of Mind Reading - The Drawing Duplication Act

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'This is a fantastic resource for the working mentalist! José has done an amazing job of collating all of these classic methods into one comprehensive and convenient book. Some of these methods are extremely rare and difficult to find so this compilation really is a treasure chest of ideas waiting for you to open and delve inside!'  - Marc Paul 



 25 Drawing Duplication Secrets From The Masters


Imagine learning one of the most mystifying feats of pure mind reading, an invaluable skill that's been closely guarded by the world's most legendary mentalists. What price would you place on such profound knowledge? With José Prager's compilation – a man revered as the master of amusement and mystification – you're not just getting a simple trick. Instead, you're investing in over 25 timeless techniques that have stood the test of time, each meticulously detailed to ensure you can replicate hidden drawings using nothing but the sheer power of your mind. The secrets enclosed within these pages aren't just ordinary methods; they're the exact techniques employed by the crème de la crème of mind-readers, those who've reached legendary status. This is a rare chance to not only peek behind the curtain but to fully step into the realm of the extraordinary. Such knowledge, expertise, and the potential transformation it can bring to your craft is not just worth $25 – it's truly priceless.


In the ever-evolving realm of mentalism, countless methods and routines emerge, some fleeting and others enduring. This book is not a compendium of the transient. Its purpose is singular and resolute: to curate and present only those methods that possess an ageless quality, techniques that are as potent today as they might have been a century ago, or as they will be a century hence.


The 8th Art

Duplicating Hidden Drawings

Telepathic Drawing

30th Century Television

Dark Mirror

Specks In Specs

The Mother Of All Envelope Tests

Dead Name Duplication

Interlude One: Adaptability of foundational principles


The Khan Envelope Test

The Two Envelope Test

Stage Envelope Test

Million Dollar Drawing Challenge

Old Faithful

Clear Impressions

Pocket Pads

Invisible Impressions

Interlude Two: Elevating Your Reveals


Media Delight

Peculiar Perceptions

Business Card Telepathy

The Quantum Resonance Principle

Psychic In Trouble

Remote Viewing Images

The Real (?) Uri Geller Drawing Duplication

Single Paper Drawing Duplication

Doodle Doppelgänger Deception

Legends Built on Deception

A New Dawn For Your Legendary Journey


1st edition, 2023, 50 pages; PDF 


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Customer Reviews

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James A.
A treasury of ideas and methods.

Packed within the 49 pages are 25 methods of performing a drawing duplication. My personal favourites are the very first method “Telepathic Drawing” by Ormand McGill. Old school, but very practical, simple to accomplish and foolproof with little ‘moves’. “Dead Name Duplication” by Frederic Kolb is a straightforward and simple method which, with the right presentation, should go down very well. With items in impression pads and tips to enhance and elevate your presentation and reveal there is much to be gleaned from this collection.

Bill O'Connell
The Drawing Duplication Act - FANTASTIC!

This is the best (and largest) collection of drawing duplication methods I have ever seen in a single book. Outstanding resource and an incredible value! Highly recommended.