How do I pay for my purchased items?

Here at eMentalism, we like to keep things simple. That's why we don't ask you to sign up with us and fill out a whole bunch of details. You can pay with the convenience of Paypal. It's just a matter of checking out and following the steps. 


Is it safe to make payments through Paypal?

Yes. Paypal guarantees purchase protection for all items bought and paid for through their system, so you will know what happens to your money at all times.


How can I receive my purchased ebooks and videos?

All our ebooks and videos are instantly downloadable once your online payment has been completed. The buying process will lead you to a download page. For each separate purchase, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail with direct download links.

Once I bought an ebook or a video, can I do with it whatever I want?

No. All rights remain with the original author of the work. That means your buys are only for personal use and may not be copied, re-sold or re-distributed in any way or form.

What software do I need to read the ebooks and watch the videos?

Our videos will work on any mainstream video player, like VLC and Windows Media Player.

The ebooks are being delivered in .PDF format, which can be opened and read in Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a program that you can download for free at www.adobe.com. Make sure to always have the latest version installed on your PC or Mac.

Some books will consist of more than one .PDF file. If this is the case, your purchase will appear as a .ZIP file in your download folder. If you have a Mac, chances are you don't need a separate program to unzip your ebook. All recent OS X systems have that function build in. For PC users, this is the same if your computer runs on Windows Vista or above. Just right click on the file and choose 'Extract'. The .PDF files will appear in a new folder.