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We've all wanted the ability to read someone’s mind. Here you can learn mentalism and mind reading magic tricks that will make ANYONE believe you can actually do it! Established in 2010. We believe that mentalism is one of the most exciting forms of art, and it is an honor for us to train that community through our ebooks & video tutorials. Join our secret community and learn the latest mind reading secrets available.


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More than fifty different book test routines!

A spectator chooses a book or magazine, selects a page and a word or sentence and the performer divines it.


A book test is one of the most organic and natural pieces that answer the question most often posed by audiences: “Can you read my mind?”.


This ebook covers more than fifty different book test routines as well as deep insight into how they work. Including some of the hardest to find methods once thought to have been lost to time.

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Get your hands on the ultimate mentalism bundle by Lewis Le Val, featuring every publication ever released at e-Mentalism.com. With over 3,000 satisfied mentalists already raving about the incredible techniques and secrets.

Elevate your performances and leave your audience speechless.

The purest form of mentalism.

Using nothing beyond a piece of paper and a pencil, you will learn secrets to create the perfect illusion of mind reading.



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Dr. Poliakov leverages certain classic principles of hypnosis in new and fascinating ways, and includes a host of well thought-out scripting ideas that you can use as-is or tailor to suit your own individual performance style.



Timeless secrets to create legends

Silvia Stjärna (2023)

Upon first meeting Lewis Le Val in 2018, he was blown away by her use of simple yet beautiful mentalism methods and cunning techniques within her work as a full time psychic reader and healer. Le Val encouraged Silvia to release some of her ideas, and after a couple of years, she finally agreed!

Scary Little Secrets by Moonlight Krausse (2022)

Read this tricks - then go out and scare them to death!

Learn INSANE mind reading tricks!


Delve into the mysterious world of mentalism with our exclusive collection of over 150 products, each harboring a wealth of secrets and techniques, expertly curated and presented in alphabetical order from A to Z

e-Mentalism recognizes the fact that there are many good mentalists, performers or theorists - as yet unknown.

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Each month, the editors will select and publish the one which, in their opinion, is most unusual or practical.

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