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True Secrets of Mind Reading: 53 Book Tests (eBook)

True Secrets of Mind Reading: 53 Book Tests (eBook)

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 A spectator chooses a book or magazine, selects a page and a word or sentence and the performer divines it.

A book test is one of the most organic and natural pieces that answer the question most often posed by audiences: “Can you read my mind?”.

This ebook covers more than fifty different book test routines as well as deep insight into how they work. Including some of the hardest to find methods once thought to have been lost to time.

You'll find methods suitable for performance under every possible condition; one-on-one, in an intimate close-up setting or for a large audience.

These are timeless powerful secrets that should be in every mentalist’s arsenal.


Andrea Ghisi, Burling Hull, Theodore Annemann, U.F. Grant, Albert Sidney, Eddie Joseph, Sid Lorraine, William S. Houghton, George B. Anderson, Bob Somerfeld, Eddie Clever, Aage Darling, Dr. Spencer Thorton, Tony Corinda, Max Malini, David Hoy, Al Koran, Lee Henneberry, Tan Hock Chuan, Dai Vernon, Karrell Fox, Karl Fulves, Graham Reed, Phil Goldstein, Basil Horwitz, Richard Himber, Ta Waters, Tom Sellers, Al Mann, Dr. Jaks, Val Andrews, Marc Paul, Ty Kralin, Arthur Setterington & Jose Prager

I have got some great routines from your collection and I have already used them in my corporate walk around events.  Thank you for everything! 
- Mystic Sharma, California. 


1st edition 2023; PDF 108 pages.


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