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Lewis Le Val

Ancient Scroll by Lewis Le Val (eBook)

Ancient Scroll by Lewis Le Val (eBook)

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Ancient Scroll is a technique that allows you to create the illusion of free choice, when in reality, you control the outcome.

Borrow a spectator’s iPhone and open any app that you can scroll through; contacts, calendar, messages, even Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
You hold the phone face down and allow the spectator to randomly scroll through the app, stopping wherever they like. At this point, you can have them immediately lock their phone and take it back from you. Close your eyes, look away, you can even leave the room while the spectator unlocks their phone to see the picture, name, year, tweet they landed on. You then reveal EXACTLY what they chose.

This technique is completely customisable and incredibly simple.

With Ancient Scroll, you do NOT need to:

- Download anything
- Secretly open, close, switch or change apps
- Secretly type anything
- Access the internet

With Ancient Scroll, you CAN:

- Use any borrowed iPhone
- Use any app on the spectator’s phone that can be scrolled through
- Hold their phone at your fingertips, and never secretly touch the screen or buttons
- Have the spectator lock the phone immediately after scrolling

This is completely impromptu and uses a borrowed iPhone. There is no set up as it is always ready to go.

(Please note: The method for Ancient Scroll does not require the use of the internet. The only time internet is used is if the app you are performing with, such as instagram, requires it.)

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