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AOK Toolbox by Lewis Le Val (eBook)

AOK Toolbox by Lewis Le Val (eBook)

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“It has been 5 years since the first release of AOK. Back then, I thought it couldn’t get any better… Oh how wrong I was!” - Dee Christopher


AOK Toolbox is the highly anticipated follow up Lewis Le Val’s most popular mentalism release to date, ART OF KNOWING.


AOK Toolbox is a 68 page PDF digital download covering a handful of useful tips and subtleties for AOK. Also included are 4 of Le Val’s strongest and most profound presentations with AOK that you can begin using right away!


The new scripts, presentations, added extras and overall experience you give your spectators are what take AOK to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!


Routines included:


The easiest and possibly the strongest method for performing a close up Q&A act. Not only will you be able to reveal your spectator’s most important questions, you will also provide unique and insightful answers too! The subtleties and justifications are fantastic, and Le Val also shares a simple tip that will allow you to expertly answer questions, using a concept inspired by the great oracles and seers from history, and also Albert Einstein!


Medicine Man
The routine Le Val will regret sharing, it’s too good! Medicine Man is a beautiful ritual that will help your spectators unlock the thoughts required to manifest a future they strive to have. They witness a moment that goes beyond normal understanding, and you leave them with a gift that they will give to themselves. This routine surpasses entertainment and borders on ancient magical practice. These are not empty predictions for the future, the science and psychology behind this is much cleverer than that!


This routine is much simpler, but no less powerful. After providing a reading for each of your spectators, you are able to reveal their astrological signs! Included in the explanation is Le Val’s Metaphysical Alphabet, a simple system that will allow you to provide effective readings on the spur of the moment.


Could this be the most engaging presentation ever for revealing drawings made by spectators? This routine is inspired by what has been named by scientists as “the greatest riddle in human history”. Mystic beautifully connects the furthest past with the nearest present, with an emotional script and an optional kicker ending. This routine is also loaded with ideas that you could also use in other routines in your repertoire too.


Customer Reviews

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Ryan Fricke

The AOK Toolbox is a collection of a few pieces of mentalism that are amazing. There are four routines within this manuscript, and a reading system included with is called Metaphysical Alphabet. Metaphysical Alphabet is also included in Des Fleurs, another release from Lewis also part of the e-mentalism product line. The routines that are included are oracle, medicine man, stargazer and mystic. In each of these routines he takes a different perspective to this divination process. In the Oracle is works with the participant in order to help them work through a word or thought in order to provide insight into themselves and their desires. Medicine man is a beautiful, incredibly strong way to help the spectator unlock the desires of their heart. This leaves them with a beautiful ending and something to keep pushing them towards their desires. In Stargazer, this routine will provide you with a strong routine based on Astrological signs, and once combined with the Metaphysical Alphabet, you as the performer can provide them with a very strong personality reading. The last routine is probably the most impactful due to the fact it calls back to your history, ultimately to the ancient past and really seeks to touch the heart of anyone participating. This routine is a drawing revelation which takes people all the way back to their ancestry and cave paintings. This is very touching to many sitting with the performer. Thanks Lewis for this release great material.

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