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Peter Turner

APFYT by Peter Turner (eBook)

APFYT by Peter Turner (eBook)

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From legendary Peter Turner.


Peter is knowfor his use of creative thinking, applied psychology, and impromptu and prop-free mentalism. This ebook details four different routines that offer plenty of variety and insight into Peter’s way of thinking. This ebook fits neatly into Peter’s codex of work and will provide you with workable on-the-spot routines.



Hangman: The spectators and the mentalist play a game of hangman. This is a bold but workable piece of pocket mentalism using nothing more than business cards and spectators, in which you show the impossibility of the outcome.


Two-Person Telepathy: Using business cards and two spectators, you are able to divine what word and name they are thinking of without pumping or fishing.  You can even use this routine to create a drawing, demonstrating that you were seeing the mental image a spectator was thinking about.


Guess Who? This routine uses nothing more than the spectator.  When asked to think of a random name, you are able to give that name not just to one spectator but also to others in the audience who were thinking of different names! Guess Who isn’t just a routine though; it is a principle, which Peter discusses in detail, providing thoughts on mentalism performance as a whole and how it applies to this principle. Guess Who covers three different approaches to achieve the technique and provides words of saga advice for the performer at any level.


The Book of the Fallen: Imagine doing a book test with a completely un-gimmicked book, which can even be borrowed on the spot, where volunteers can select any page and any word, and you will know the selected word. You need only make a small gimmick, which can be had for only pennies and is fully explained. This is but a part of what you get out of this routine, as again, Peter offers deep insight and thinking into the little subtleties that take something from being an interesting effect to something that is, quite simply, stunning.


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Customer Reviews

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Ryan Fricke
Classic Peter Turner

This is a collection of Peter Turner’s work which is sold individually on e-mentalism. These works are, Two Person Telepathy, Guess Who?, The Book of the Fallen as well as The Hangman Effect. All of these I have reviewed individually on the site and are very good. This collection is well worth the time it takes to learn and work through the scripting. However, the best value for the money by far and away the larger collection A.P.F.Y.T. Each of the effects are well worth the price that is being charged but to have them all in one location for one cost is super helpful. Please check out my individual reviews for further details on each individual effect. Thanks, Peter for providing us with this collection.

Alex Alejandro
A.P.F.Y.T by Peter Turner


The Hangman Effect
Review: This is a clever way in performing dual reality, and making your spectator the mind reader. If you like spectator as mind reader, and have used at one point or another this will be a piece of cake to learn, but if you have never performed dual reality or where always afraid to perform it, then this routine might make you change your mind.
Two Person Telepathy
Review: I strongly believe that out of the whole e-book, this routine will be the one that people say "worth the price" Quite frankly, I have seen Peter do this on me from its very beginnings. This routine can be used over Skype, phone, close-up, parlour, stage

Guess Who
If you have read Peter's work in the past in Bigger Fish 2, or if you missed out on that book, this Guess Who variant, is very similar to something that is in that book, but uses clever psychology to divine a thought of name from your participant.
There are 2 other variants taught here, #1: Playing card divination #2: Three people think of names, and you guess them, and they confirm you are correct

The Book of the Fallen
This routine appears in Bigger Fish #1. I have performed this routine about a dozen or so times, so I can attest to its strength.

The method is simple to do, and you have everything at home to be able to start practicing and doing this right away.
Think of the Lynx Blackboard, reminds me a lot of the it, in the cleanliness of the routine, and how fair everything is.