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Black Rabbit Vol. 2 - Full Spectrum Reading System by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)

Black Rabbit Vol. 2 - Full Spectrum Reading System by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)

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In Black Rabbit Volume 2, Le Val shares his work on auras, aura readings and related routines. 

What is an aura?

The aura is believed to be an energetic field that surrounds the human body, essentially an extension of the human mind, consciousness and life force. It can also be considered as the general ‘vibe’ a person gives off, allowing the reader flexibility in how they choose to present their skills; as either esoteric, psychic ability or as empathic intuition. 


The very mention of auras gained Le Val over 2 million views on TikTok, and countless requests for readings. This is something people get incredibly excited about. Injecting aura work into your performances is guaranteed to boost intrigue and make you stand out from the crowd. 

Get ready to uncover 8 powerful secrets that will transform your knowledge and understanding in this exciting download!


Full Spectrum Reading System - The easiest and most direct method for reading and interpreting auras, without the use of stock lines or memorised scripts. Every reading is unique and created in the moment. 

How To See Your Aura - The method used to teach spectators how to see or become aware of their aura. 

Sight - A handful of ways to present your aura seeing/reading abilities, including ‘Aura Touch’, in which your spectator FEELS you touch their aura, and ‘Third Eye’, a method to see your spectator moving towards you, with your eyes completely closed. 

Force - A reworking of an age old psychological force allowing you to instantly reveal the colour of a spectator’s aura, after they’ve seen it for themselves. 

Crayon - A standout piece with wonderful ‘out of the box’ thinking from Le Val. A spectator chooses a crayon and draws a picture on your business card, all whilst you look away. With no peeks, switches or impression pads, you reveal not only their drawing, but their chosen colour too. Crayon is the perfect aura themed routine and all you need is a cheap pack of crayons and some business cards. 

Thief - Le Val’s aura presentation for Larry Becker’s Sneak Thief routine. Your spectators see their aura, and you can too, with proof. 

Annemann Extra - With your eyes covered, one by one your spectators silently approach you and hold their hand above yours. You will know exactly who’s there based on the feel of their aura alone. 

The PEN Model - A simple yet effective structure for your readings. 

Also included is Le Val’s viral aura video, along with a follow up video he posted, just so you can see what all the fuss is about, and a PDF reference guide containing cheat sheets, further information and credits.


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Customer Reviews

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Ethan J.
Five stars

Le Val has a unique perspective on mentalism, with many innovative concepts. The "Aura Touch" technique alone is a valuable addition to any mentalist's repertoire.

Great Eye Opener

I have found this to be truly special, with great wisdom and knowledge passed on. As my confidence in it grows, it only improves.


Having never done aura readings, this is taught in a great way...
I was using the methods the same day!!!!

Masterclass in Auras

Lewis teaches the secrets of framing Auras as mentalism - a display of mind reading that is nothing short of genius.
You will learn to READ AURAS, so simple yet so effective, that even the greatest skeptics will believe. Effortless to execute.
You will learn to SEE AURAS in a way never before possible. His presentation is so captivating, it will leave you thirsting for more.
You will gain the ability to TOUCH AURAS, utilizing a fail-safe method rooted in physiological principles. Your audience feels the touch on their aura with eyes closed.
You will learn to GUESS the color of their aura with nothing but the power of your mind, using psychological methods that are sure-fire.
The crayon secret alone was worth the investment.
And so much more.
Lewis is a true professional, who does this for a living. His materials contain no fluff, and I can attest that the 25 USD investment is well worth it.

The Esoteric Explorer
Unleashing the Power of Auras

Black Rabbit Volume 2 by Le Val is an excellent guide on auras, aura readings and related routines. The Full Spectrum Reading System is a standout feature, providing an easy and direct method for interpreting auras without stock lines or memorized scripts. Le Val provides detailed instructions on how to see auras, and includes a variety of ways to present your aura-seeing abilities that are sure to impress audiences. Other techniques include a reworking of an age-old psychological force, and an aura-themed routine that requires only a cheap pack of crayons and business cards. The PEN Model is a simple yet effective structure for aura readings, and the PDF reference guide containing cheat sheets, further information and credits. The inclusion of Le Val's viral aura video provides better understanding of the product. Overall, Black Rabbit Volume 2 is a great resource for anyone interested in aura readings and related routines.

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