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Carny Cartomancy by Lewis Le Val (eBook)

Carny Cartomancy by Lewis Le Val (eBook)

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"The main reason why I put this system together was so that I could glance at a card and instantly be able to explain a/the meaning behind it. I wanted to be instantly prompted with something different to say for every card in the deck, without having to memorise anything. I now use the Carny Cartomancy system every time I perform mentalism with playing cards." - Lewis Le Val.


Become an instant expert at reading playing cards with the Carny Cartomancy system!

CC can be performed with ZERO MEMORISATION, yet you will be able to instantly provide a detailed meaning or interpretation for every card in the deck. Once you understand how the system works, it will stick with you forever.


You can use Carny Cartomancy for:

General use - Single card readings to fill gaps in routines or effects.

Outs - If you perform a psychological force and it fails, Carny Cartomancy can be used as an out.

Prop-less Cartomancy - No deck? No problem. You can provide readings using a deck imagined by your spectator.

And much more!

Within these pages, you will find the simplest and quickest way of learning the system, plenty of tips and advice, and an effective, up-to-date three-card spread that is certain to replace the age-old "past, present, future" spread.


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Customer Reviews

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The Mentalist Master
Revolutionizing Card Reading

The Carny Cartomancy system is a game-changer for anyone looking to add card reading to their mentalism or magic routine. With zero memorization required, you'll be able to instantly provide detailed meanings and interpretations for every card in the deck.

The system is easy to learn and sticks with you forever, making it perfect for general use, as an out for failed psychological forces, and even propless cartomancy.

The included three-card spread is a fresh take on the traditional past, present, future spread and is sure to impress. Lewis Le Val's reason for creating this system is evident in its effectiveness and practicality. Highly recommend!

Ryan Fricke

This ebook is filled with such great information on the topic of card divination and personality readings using playing cards. This technique that he uses within this reading system is very easy and takes little memory work to be able to provide a strong reading. Within this manuscript, Lewis provides information on single playing card personality readings, as well as multiple card personality readings. This technique that he employs is very easy to accomplish, yet provides and strong and well-structured reading system for everyone. If you're looking to get into reading or just to learn another new reading system altogether, you can’t get better than this. Thanks for releasing this to the general public.

John C
Another good Lewis purchase.

OK, since no one else spoke up I took the plunge. I have zero patience.

I love cartomancy and have many other offerings. I like this. It's simple, direct, and fun.

If you are just getting started in this area this is a good way to get going instantly. It's a jumping off point. Could be a good method for simple card workers that want to add a little more substance to their revaltions.

And you can certainly learn more in-depth/complex methods later.

I like it. I'll use it.

Another good Lewis purchase.