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DISTRACTIONS by Luke Jermay (eBook)

DISTRACTIONS by Luke Jermay (eBook)

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"In this slim volume, I have collected three routines utilizing billets from my performance work, drawn over more than ten years. 

I have chosen to group these routines in one volume at the request of many mentalists I have met during my appearances at magic conventions, workshops, and masterclass events across the globe...

...I hope you find something in this slim volume to add to your performances; I sincerely, and off-trend in the current mentalism mainstream, believe that a good solid understanding of billet technique is at the heart of strong, minimalist, and utility-focused performance tools. Billets offer the performer a great utility tool; often, the tools and techniques can be transferred from casual performance to the stage with nothing more than adapted staging and blocking."

-Luke Jermay

Customer Reviews

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Vincent V.
Dirty Secret Club rocks!

Dirty Secret Club is THE BEST routine that Luke has ever published

Blake Adams
BLOWN away!

Wow I loved this little book...I went in thinking it was not going to be that great and I was blown away.

Jerome Finley
Professional grade material

I've seen Luke perform several of these carefully selected pieces both in his paid shows, full evening program and high end formal engagements as well as out and about the town casually and sharing a "special something" with perfect strangers and new friends during impromptu and unplanned performances with exceptional results and huge reactions. These routines and techniques are the exact ones that Luke goes back to when it matters, what pays the bills for him as a performer and what he feels is something worthwhile enough to offer when time is short but the need for strong mentalism and insanely powerful feats of mind reading are still needed or desired...and, as Luke suggests, works equally well in the context of a close up casual performance all the way to professional grade stage and parlor work for the big bucks.

Best of Jermay

As a BIG fan of Jermay's work I found this to be his best work to date. The routines are top notch!

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