Zoom Drop Card by Chris Rawlins (Digital Version)

Drop Card by Chris Rawlins (Digital Version)


This volume covers an in depth exploration of a premise that has captured Christopher's imagination for many years. 

Back in 2010 Christopher shared his effect Drop Card; a routine in which one spectator thinks of a playing card and focuses, while the other finds the spectator's card with their eyes closed. That routine is still something Christopher performs and loves, and now, in 2016, he offers his full body of work on this effect, tipping secrets he's never shared before and nothing is held back. 

In short, Drop Card is a professional, fully tested performance routine that can fit directly into your mind reading and mentalism shows. You will learn his current and complete handling of his effect 'Drop Card', using one spectator, a personal thought, a logical framing and two amazing revelations. With versions using pre-show work, without pre-show work and versions with real-time acquisition of information. Everything inside the book has been worked, tested and no part has been rushed. 

Inside you will also receive many bonus approaches; versions that use pads of paper, billets, pieces of paper, torn up scraps of paper, alphabet cards, playing cards and things people merely think of. Also features contributions from Luke Jermay, Marc Paul and Marco Fida. All in all, you will receive a fully tested professional routine, encapsulated between a professionally formatted and edited pocket sized book. 

The card trick at the end of Christopher's current lecture that probably fooled you is also contained within these pages, as is Christopher's 'Billet Elimination Justification' - a subtle yet useful idea that he puts into action every time he works professionally. And there's more! Included are many strong variations of Drop Card to suit various environments and conditions; from stage, to parlour and even casual performance settings. 

  • Complete, fully tested routine 
  • Contributions from Luke Jermay, Marc Paul and Marco Fida 
  • Adaptable for your own show 
  • Many variations, theory and ideas covered 
  • 100 pages.


When he is not busy remembering things to his audiences amazement, Chris Rawlins finds the time to share with us some of his pet effects. Between the covers of this  carefully produced volume you will be treated to an in-depth treatise on a powerful, audience-tested, professionally honed routine. Chris details the development of both method and effect, his current approach and favorite presentational ploys, and variations suited to different performing situations. Solid ideas by top names such as Jermay, Banachek, and Nyman are also put to good use. What's more, 'Drop Card' will prompt your own creative thinking. Any doubt I recommend it highly. -Marco Fida


You have created a very interesting and powerful reveal. I really liked your 'Billet Elimination Justification'. It's a very elegant and logical justification... I love it! Really good thinking. -Marc Paul


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Drop Card by Chris Rawlins (Digital Version)