Zoom Faith Healer by Luke Jermay (eBook)

Faith Healer by Luke Jermay (eBook)


Faith Healer is a remarkable departure from the style of material previously published from acclaimed mentalist Luke Jermay.

This demonstration is designed to produce only one conclusion from those witnessing it: the performer must have a deeply powerful supernatural, spiritual gift. No other explanation is possible. Faith Healer is a modern demonstration of spiritual healing, that could start a cult. The full details of this approach to the humble coin bend routine, are too dangerous to even detail here. This professionally proofread and edited manuscript, also includes two ‘bonus’ fully scripted performance pieces from Jermay; ‘Crossing Over’ and ‘Empath’ that easily could have been releases in their own right, as well guest contributions from Jerome Finley and Tim Trono.

“This is the most deeply affecting routine I have ever released, it’s potential is equally deviating as it is dangerous.” - Luke Jermay

Faith Healer by Luke Jermay is a 67 page, professional proofread and edited ebook, with full technique and full professional performance script, all examined in detail. 


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"Luke Jermay has always been one of my favorite thinkers and performers. The way our art moves through him and the depth of his understanding has consistently remained light years ahead of what most others were thinking, feeling and doing. Having spent ample time in the company of Jermay over the years I can easily say the man and his work continue to excel in rather severe, intense, dramatic, bold, beautiful, compelling and utterly remarkable feats of mind reading, hypnosis and psychic entertainment. His latest offering is no exception to this rule and comes with a caveat...there is serious potential for harm and abuse inherent within this and I would assume, if misused, certain legal ramifications as well. Luke has succeeded in bridging the gap between contemporary mentalism, bizarre magick, faith healing and popular religious traditions in one fell swoop. Were one to follow along closely and approach this material with an open mind, he would successfully bear witness to the revitalization of modern mentalism and watch first hand as one of the world's foremost experts and exponents of the craft does what he does best...and not only that, he or she would arrive on the other side a more careful and caring performer, much closer to Luke's own understanding, and armed with what may well be one of the most powerful and positively affecting pieces of mentalism currently in existence. That magical traditions, healing and spirituality should all come full circle and meet again in Luke's capable and competent hands should come as no surprise to anyone. If anyone can do it, it's this guy and he pulls it off excruciatingly well." - JEROME FINLEY

“This routine is super-powerful, super-dangerous, and super-exciting! It is an amazing routine that will convince your volunteer and your audience that you are blessed, that the healing power of the Divine flows through your veins and that you have the ability to improve and enhance lives! Is this a dangerous routine? In the wrong hands, yes! Absolutely! This is a profound routine that transcends the self-
imposed boundaries of what we call mentalism. Be careful when using this routine, and be prepared for the intense reactions you will receive. I love this routine, and if you have any notion of the intense possibilities of true mentalism, I know you will love it too! - PAUL VOODINI

"While reading Faith Healer I could clearly hear Luke in my head delivering this powerful script. It was almost like his thoughts were taking over my mind! These are powerful words that will make a believer experience something truly profound." - MARC PAUL

"Meaningful presentations are crucial to delivering the experience of real magic. Here, Luke Jermay shares a number of his which will take effects you're already capable of performing to a much stronger place. Your audience's will thank you for displaying this heightened level of magical interaction. This stuff is golden." - COLIN MCLEOD

"This is potent, thought provoking and affecting Mentalism. You need to read this!" - CHRIS RAWLINS

“Faith Healer is one of the strongest piece you can perform, a deep experience that can literally change the life and belief of a participant. Psychological aspects and a wonderful script, make of this piece something that will make you stand out from the masses, you can start a "religion" with this! Also included in the book, besides other routines and guest contributions, is one of the best ‘Living and Dead’ routines I have ever seen! That will go straight in my professional repertoire! Thanks Luke yet again you have given us a real treat!” - LUCA VOLPE

“Luke's mind may be likened to Pandoras box. Despite the fact you know this to be a very dark and dangerous place the temptation to go there is just to strong for anybody to resist. Leaving conscience and ethics at the door Faith Healer presents the reader with a series of incredibly powerful effects which will leave a deep and lasting impression upon your audience. "Crossing Over" is my personal favourite and pick of the crop, this is possibly the best "Living and Dead Test" I've ever had the pleasure to read. The methodology, scripting and presentation have been expertly combined into a true work of art! This book is emotionally moving and regardless of wether you have any intention of performing this material you will learn so much about the art of mentalism by devouring its contents. Quite simply this is a must have book for anyone serious about their art!” - MICHAEL MURRAY

"Luke Jermay is known for his hard hitting and edgy material, and this offering is no exception. This is for serious performers with real conviction, who want to leave their participants with a lasting, emotional, and spiritual impact. This can be done anywhere, but be warned, perform with care and respect!" - TODD LANDMAN

WARNING: ‘FAITH HEALER’ contains a demonstration of an extreme nature. If you are offended with religious themes in performance art please do not buy this book. Neither the author nor the publisher can be held responsible for outcomes resulting from performing this demonstration in any manner whatsoever.


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Faith Healer by Luke Jermay (eBook)