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Hypochondriac Hypnosis is an all-new e-book containing five powerful effects. Dr. Poliakov leverages certain classic principles of hypnosis in new and fascinating ways, and includes a host of well thought-out scripting ideas that you can use as-is or tailor to suit your own individual performance style. The author pays tribute to Kenton Knepper, Derren Brown and other luminaries of mentalism in this brief, impactful volume.

Routines, tools and principles here include:

• Ambidextrous: A fascinating routine that explores the mysteries of the human mind and showcases your hypnotic powers; it will stun your audiences and leave them scratching their heads in wonder.

• IPI: Instant Pseudo Induction — From the brilliant Peter Turner comes this incredible mentalism tool. You’ll appear to put a randomly chosen spectator into a deep hypnotic trance in mere seconds.

Theft: Here’s a routine that’ll turn the tables on the skeptics! Bring one up onstage, and within seconds he’ll be handing you his phone, wallet, car keys…and everything else. Truly killer.

• Name Amnesia: Your audiences will gasp in astonishment as you instantly cause your volunteer to forget her name. Bam! Clean, direct and powerful. A real puzzler.

• A Little Subtlety: The minutes pass for your audience…but not for your spectator, who believes he’s frozen in time. A simple and elegant routine that packs a serious punch.

Focusing on creating the illusion of trance and other feats of influence, this book has now been expanded to 50 pages by Peter Turner, who offers his incredible thoughts and ideas throughout the treatise.

Not only will you learn some fascinating principles that you can apply in many ways, but you’ll also learn some unfathomable stand alone pieces; You’ll be able to divine someone’s PIN and reveal their hidden memories.


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