Zoom Lockdown Lectures Chapter 1: Healer's Blessing by Lewis le Val (Video Download)

Lockdown Lectures Chapter 1: Healer's Blessing by Lewis le Val (Video Download)


Welcome to the Lockdown Lectures from Lewis Le Val, exclusively at E-Mentalism!


Due to the current global situation, the importance of mental nourishment is paramount. So once again, E-Mentalism has partnered with Lewis Le Val to bring you a collection of thought provoking, miniature lectures.


Each lecture will be a video download, focusing on various aspects of mentalism, from routines to performance tips, theories and more. The world may be at a standstill but the mind marches on. May these lectures help to keep you on course, and encourage you to engage with your passions and continue to live your art!


Chapter One - Healer’s Blessing (Duration 59:42)


In the first of the Lockdown Lectures, Le Val shares a routine that is as entertaining as it is mystical. With no setup, no gimmicks and no preparation of any kind, you are able to seemingly heighten your spectator’s intuition and awareness, using only two business cards and a pen. On the back of one card, your spectator writes something positive about their life. On the other, they write something negative, creating a ’negative card’ and a ‘positive card’. After a brief (seconds) calibration exercise to demonstrate the forces at work, you mix the cards and place each of them face down into your spectator’s hands.


After explaining the mental and emotional weight that negativity can have on us, you snap your fingers and suddenly, eerily, one of the two cards visibly becomes heavier in your spectator’s hand! When instructed to turn that card over, they will of course see that it was the negative card that suddenly became heavier. Due to the flexibility of the method, you can repeat this process if you like!


Suddenly, as though receiving intuitive impressions, you can then reveal exactly what that negative element is, even though you have apparently never seen the information on the cards!


Utilising the tips Le Val shares in this download, you may also be able to reveal information on other aspects of your spectator’s life too, with no extra effort.


You then bring the routine to a close with a genuine psychotherapeutic tool to help your spectator overcome this negative presence in their life.


We would like to say this method relies on suggestion, but it’s actually much easier. In fact, with a little bit of practice, we see no reason why you couldn’t perform this routine on the same day as watching the tutorial for the very first time.


In just under an hour, Le Val shares the methods, handling, presentation, scripting ideas, subtleties, personal insights and more.


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Lockdown Lectures Chapter 1: Healer's Blessing by Lewis le Val (Video Download)