Zoom Luke Jermay: Some Things (Part Two) (Audio Download)

Luke Jermay: Some Things (Part Two) (Audio Download)


Jermay is back for the second volume of his Audio series with eMentalism. Another slice of the master's thinking for you to consume and consider.


This time Jermay talks about Harry Houdini and his influence of magic history and the parallels between magic and mentalism.


Also discussed is Houdini's willingness to accept challenges and why, we as mentalists, should care!


  • How as a performer can we keep revealing information compelling, interesting and entertaining?
  • How can we add in extra drama and increase the impact of our mind reading demonstrations?
  • How can we make our mind reading shows seem more genuine?


All of these questions and more are covered in this amazing audio download.


While the first volume of this audio series was quite relaxed and covered some interesting ideas and guidelines, this second volume covers some strong and genuine concepts that you will be able to slot into your shows.


Jermay discusses one of the ways he approaches pre-show in his current show and how he creates an even stronger moment of mystery off the back of this technique.


Another vital audio release for all mystery entertainers, available exclusively at ementalism.com




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Luke Jermay: Some Things (Part Two) (Audio Download)