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Mental Mysteries With Cards (eBook)

Mental Mysteries With Cards (eBook)

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Over 21 EXTRAORDINARY mental mysteries with cards by 11 legendary contributors.

William Larsen and T. Page Wright reveal in detail how to present card tricks as real mind-reading. They reveal masterpieces of their own along with the explanations.

And that's just the first part!

You will learn an additional 11 extraordinary secrets from legendary mentalists. This eBook is equal to (or probably better than) any high-priced exclusive manuscript you could encounter these days. 

Contributions include:

MIND MIRROR by Jack McMillen.
Any person selects a card from the deck. The performer can be out of the room. With a crystal (or what have you), the performer reveals the name of the card or even its position. No sleights. The sheer subtlety of this is a supreme idea for thought-readers.

TATTLE-TALE CARD by Gerald Kosky.
A spectator selects a card and finds it themselves. A novelty idea that, with its simplicity, baffles the best "brains."

Six cards are thoroughly shuffled. A party selects one and places it in the performer's hand, behind his back, with all six cards. They are mixed again. The cards are laid face down. Tapping on each card, whenever the spectator says stop, it is his mentally chosen card.

How the performer is able to divine some of the cards, one at a time, off the deck after the spectator positively shuffled is a secret you should and must have now.

NTH SENSE by Jack McMillen.
While being held behind his back, the performer calls off cards after the spectator gives them a shuffle. Indetectable.

The spectator selects a card while the performer is in a corner or absent. Later, the performer writes the correct card on a slate. Never fails. Creates a sensational thrill for you, the ambitious mentalist.

ASTRAL VISION by Jack McMillen.
A spectator selects any card. The entertainer places the deck in a case. Then calls the position of the card in the pack, even naming the card. A new principle. Can always be swiftly executed.

DEAL DETECTION by Judson Brown.
A spectator shuffles the deck, selects a card. The performer comes back into the room, or from a corner, and calls aloud the card.

LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON by Judson Brown.
You do as I do effect (COINCIDENCE) with two packs. Different method. Fascinating presentation with patter.

Using eight cards, the magician, at a certain time, names the previously mentally selected card. Excellent table demonstrator.

MENTAL CONTROL by Vernon Cook.
The spectator derives one long smile from this feature. What happens to the selected card is charming yet intriguing.

CARD TELEPATHY by Capt. Chas. C. Howard.
Any card chosen by the audience is quickly named by the performer, who is, and remains, in another room, or at any distance.


75 pages. PDF.

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