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Mental Waltz by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)

Mental Waltz by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)

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Mental Waltz is a brand new release from Lewis Le Val. A beautiful mentalism routine inspired by the classic Anniversary Waltz.


After shuffling the deck, your spectator is instructed to begin dealing cards face down whilst spelling their own name, one card for each letter. The card they arrive at is memorised, and can be written on one side of a business card.

The deck is mixed again and handed to a second spectator who repeats this process, dealing cards and spelling their own name. The card they arrive at is memorised and can be written on the other side of the business card.

It can then be revealed that even though the deck was shuffled and mixed, both spectators had miraculously managed to arrive at the exact same card! Leaving them with a double sided souvenir that they created themselves. 


  • Works every time.
  • Instantly repeatable.
  • They can spell anything. (Doesn’t have to be names)
  • The deck can be examined and shuffled by spectators. It can also be borrowed. 
  • ZERO sleight of hand.
  • No mental efforts required by the performer. (Nothing to memorise or calculate)


This routine can be given any sort of presentation; from a compatibility test for couples, to a demonstration of controlled coincidence. You can also completely customise how you choose to reveal the ending of the routine too, giving you complete control of everything, when to your audience, it appears that you do nothing and the spectators do everything

In this download, Le Val shares the inspiration behind the routine, full workings of the method and a number of presentational points and ideas! 

After watching this video download, you will have everything you need to begin performing this fantastic routine instantly!  



Instant video download

Running time: 20 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Ryan Fricke
Waltzing Along

Mental Waltz is a modern mentalism’s take on one of the strongest and most meaningful effect in card magic, the Anniversary Waltz. This routine takes a strong effect and makes it even more personal by using the spectator’s names or other personal information to create this miracle. This routine could create a situation of serendipity which allows individuals personal information to be what brings them closer together. The end of this routine creates such a strong meaningful bond between the spectators on a very personal level.
, Lewis continues to create routines that are easy in handling but strong in presentation. He continues to have very detailed explanations and goes to great length to be able to explain several other ideas, he has used from other presentational angles.
Very good work Lewis

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