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Million Dollar Mind-Reading Secrets (eBook)

Million Dollar Mind-Reading Secrets (eBook)

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Unique. Transcendental. Timeless.


Each act is a unique gem. Whether it's mind-reading, fortune-telling, predicting headlines, or breaking chains with mind power, these 21 secrets, each worth a million dollars, are now yours.



Grant reveals some of the most powerful techniques in mentalism. Secret methods that make it appear you can really read minds. In fact, to your audience, the presentation borders on the supernatural. 


In the first part, you step out, and instead of passing papers out and having people write questions or having a person in the audience for them to whisper their questions to, you merely ask people to concentrate, and you will read their minds. Then you call people by names or initials, tell them what they are thinking of, and perform mind tests for them, such as telling them how much money they have in their pocket, how many grandchildren they have, their Social Security number if they have a trip in mind and where to, how they happened to attend your show, type of watch they have in their pocket, and practically anything along this line. 


GET THIS—For every question you answer, the actual person in the audience verifies it and is not a plant, is completely mystified, and admits they have never seen you in advance or had any conversation with you. 


In the second part, for example, an orchestra leader may bring any record to the performance with him wrapped in any manner desired, and it never leaves his possession. He never tells a living soul the name of it and swears to the fact that he is not in cahoots with you... STILL... you can name the record and give its serial number, and for effect, it may be opened by the orchestra leader and played to verify it. 


An author may bring any amount of books and step into a corner (any corner), decide on any book, pick any word in the text on any page, and you can name the book, page, and word. 


Before you make your appearance, anyone may suspend an envelope in the corner of the hall or checkroom, and you can tell its contents without asking a question or touching it. The above are just a few of the many tests possible. 


An artist may act out in the hallway and make a sketch, and you duplicate the same drawing on the stage simultaneously. 


Any of these men you work the test with are NOT plants; they, too, are entirely fooled. 


2 1,000,00. CHALLENGE ACT by Grant

The "$1,000 Challenge Mind-Reading Act" enables you to answer questions with 100% accuracy, all without the need to gather written cards and envelopes from the audience. Once participants have completed their question card, they seal it within an envelope and tuck the envelope into their pocket. 


You won't be collecting any questions directly; instead, you'll tap into their thoughts, eliminating any opportunity for deception or showing preference for one question over another. 

This approach also ensures that no particular easy questions are selected for answering. This act doesn't involve assistants or impression devices. It's a real-time, one-person mind-reading performance that doesn't require sleight of hand or gimmicks. 



Impromptu Mentalism is specially designed for the magician; having concluded a successful magical presentation is called back onto the stage with an ovation of applause and a demand for more. Its unique appeal lies in the fact that it apparently is an impromptu mental demonstration created by the applause and upon the spur of the moment. It deceives the audience from the very beginning due to this approach. This important factor will be noted in the lecture remarks, and this thought must be carried throughout the entire demonstration. It is an afterpiece, an encore number done out of appreciation and upon (again) the spur of the moment. 



Orson Welles appeared on the Gary Moore Show. At that time, he placed a sealed envelope into the hands of Gary Moore to be deposited in a bank deposit box... this sealed envelope contained the winner of the presidential election plus the exact number of electoral votes each one would receive. 


The following week, two days after the election, Orson Welles was in Hollywood, California, on a telephone talking to Gary Moore in New York; during the show on T.V., the envelope was produced, torn open, and contents noted, it predicted the winner of the presidential election plus the exact number of electoral votes that each one received. 


You will learn the exact secret Orson Welles used to achieve this enormous feat in these pages. 



A well-known psychic medium from Chicago acquired a marvelous reputation by claiming he would answer ANY question from everyone in attendance. He traveled from one larger city to another, usually giving demonstrations in Spiritualistic Churches. People would bring their questions in sealed envelopes, some tied with ribbons and roses. 


The psychic held the envelopes on his forehead and gave answers to the questions inside, returning the envelopes and questions directly to the writers. 


This is a fooler for the smart ones who know all about the “One-Ahead” method. 



This is a reading which, with a bit of caution, may be given to any adult person of either sex. It is based upon events that occur in most human lives. Yet, adroitly stated, the reading becomes personalized in the sitter’s mind. Indeed, the person receiving the reading will be willing to believe that the seer has correctly told their past and probably has correctly foreseen their future. 


Naturally, if the reader happens to know something about the person for whom the reading is being given, this information can be introduced toward the end of the consultation with startling effect. This is especially true if the subject does not know that the medium has any knowledge regarding him. 


The reading may be given straight, or a crystal ball may be used. Without much effort, it could be given while seemingly reading the subject’s palm, laying out the cards, toying with numbers, or gazing at tea leaves in a cup. 



Robert Nelson's on how to give a psychological reading using the 12-point framework! Spectators are more readily convinced by fortune tellers and the like if the reader will start the reading without first asking a lot of questions — in other words, giving the reading "from the cradle to the grave," as though the spectator's life were the pages of an open book, then ask the questions after the reading if necessary. 


The sitter enters the room, and the reader immediately starts, giving "knock-out facts," and continues with the reading for half an hour, never asking definite questions but "reading." This is accomplished without previous preparation, nothing written, and without apparatus. This type of reading is known as the "Psychological Reading," as it combines the science of psychology and character reading with logic. It is SCIENTIFIC GUESS READING, which will be acknowledged as correct in practically all cases. 


Psychological Reading has been used extensively for years with great success and can be used with other methods if desired. Many old-school mediums and psychic readers used this basic script for years.  



This method may sound so straightforward that you might doubt its effectiveness for your show. However, we ask you to try it and observe the audience's reaction. The approach is so natural that audiences are left mystified. 



Here's an easily mastered Q&A routine that requires little in the way of preparation. It's powerful enough to stand alone or can be used as the climax for two or three other strong mental effects. The routine received standing ovations in pre-war Berlin's cabarets and music halls. It's equally suited for today's private parties and small groups. 


It is the easiest and most realistic Q&A act you will ever read and use. Hanussen convinced Germany that he was psychic. What will you do? 


10 ANYTIME, ANYWHERE By Dr. Spencer T.

The performer writes a prediction in full view of the newspaper reporter and then seals it in an envelope. 


The reporter is invited to write his signature on the back of the postage stamp. The letter is then addressed to the interviewing writer in care of the newspaper, and the letter is dropped in a mailbox in the reporter's presence.


Later, several personal details about the newsman are asked—details the mentalist could not have known previously. The next day, the reporter receives the letter, his name on the stamp, etc. Upon opening the same, he finds that the mentalist predicted correctly the personal details revealed after the letter had been mailed!



Let us suppose the mentalist is sitting in the office of a newspaper reporter planning a show. The reporter asks, "Can you read my mind right now?" The mentalist replies, "Yes, I can read your mind, or I'll do even better than that... 



Early in 1926, at the age of 34, Joseph Dunninger, who considered himself a more extraordinary magician than Houdini, foresaw that he could make more money and become world famous if he stopped competing with Houdini as a stage magician and devoted his full-time to being a 'mindreader' So he put his tons of illusions away and went to baffle the world with slips of paper as he signed a contract to Headline in the Keith Vaudeville Circuit. 


An anonymous observer took the following details of his show. A manuscript with the details was secretly sold to magicians without Dunninger's permission. Inside was detailed Dunninger’s grand finale act. 


Ladies and gentlemen, behold Dunninger's final act, the breathtaking conclusion to his performance, revealed in these pages. This rendition of the 16-digit prediction effect is widely regarded as the most impressive one ever accomplished by anyone! 


13 THE SYSTEMATIC SEER By Ken de Courcy 

A Simplified System of Fortune Telling. One of the most effective ways of entertaining informally is by Fortune-Telling, and, as a magician, you must have been asked many times if you can "tell fortunes." 


To do this properly requires much study and memory work, time you can probably ill afford. So here is a simplified system that can easily be applied to Palmistry, the Tarot, Sand Reading, and almost every other form of divination. Apart from anything else, it's a great way to make friends! 



Both strongmen and mentalists have featured this sensational stunt. The strongman breaks the chain after it is tested by several dozen men pulling on it. He breaks the chain by wrapping it around his chest. He claims that the expanding force of his mighty lung muscles splits the links! The mentalist breaks the chain with 'Mind Power!' 


15 I‘VE GOT YOUR NUMBER by Paul Linder

Impress your friends with this ingenious memory trick. Imagine assigning a unique number to each of your friends and telling them that at any time, be it in the next hour, the next day, the following year, or even twenty years from now, they can ask you for their number, and you will instantly recall it. This is a foolproof system you will always remember because you will use it frequently. The language to explain this technique is simple enough to be mastered in minutes.



You predict upcoming events, not by sealing them in a plastic tube frozen into a fifty-pound block of ice, but VERBALLY. You assert your accuracy! 



The true secret of 'Resista The Girl You Can't Lift.’



The following tests give the impression of skilled and genuine mindreading of the contact and non-contact kind. Yet, knowledge and study of contact mindreading are optional. The routine is entirely impromptu, and there are no gimmicks. The effect is equally suitable for groups from six to six thousand.



One of the most unique effects in his act and for which he was most frequently requested to perform.



A performer borrows a piece of paper (has it initialed) and writes a secret prediction on it, sealing it in an envelope given to a spectator. The audience then chooses a page from a pile of newspapers. This chosen page is folded and torn multiple times, getting smaller each time. When only a small portion remains, it contains six classified ads. The performer then allows the audience to select one of the ads. The original prediction is read out, and astonishingly, it perfectly matches the chosen ad!



Surpassing the usual feat of memorizing from 60 to 100 different articles which some stage performers feature, The performer has gone a bit further and MEMORIZED OVER 600 DIFFERENT DIGITS in their proper order and relation to each other - and also 100 other qualifying figures - making really 700 DIGITS he has memorized.



95 pages. PDF. Instant Download.

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