Zoom Roulette by Chris Rawlins (Digital Version)

Roulette by Chris Rawlins (Digital Version)


This attractive pdf features ten effects from the creative mind of Chris Rawlins.  Here you will learn ten solid, clever, thought-provoking mentalism routines.

You'll read "Scramble," a bold take on a word revelation, Chris's fantastic chair prediction, and a gorgeous touch on the phone book prediction. Foreword by Luke Jermay. And see below for HUGE praise from Bob Cassidy, Luke Jermay, and more:

"Roulette is, to me, the big surprise of the year. Excellently crafted routines and insightful essays from the very creative mind of Chris Rawlins. I recommend this highly to all who are serious about our art."
-Bob Cassidy

"Chris Rawlins has made a great contribution to mentalism with his latest book. Strong, commercial, audience tested routines ready to be put to work in professional performances. That is rare in itself. Even more rare is a book full of tricks that are all great."
-Luke Jermay

"Chris Rawlins' Roulette is very good. You should buy it."
-Anthony Owen

"Roulette is really excellent... You will find strong, direct and baffling mentalism."
-Graham Jolley

"The material in this book is great! The thinking behind Chris' routines are clear, concise and above all practical."
-Marc Paul

Contents of Roulette

  • Credit Guard: a game of odds which ends with the impossible. 
  • My Version of a Classic: Four chairs, three spectators and a lot of color. 
  • Thoughts on the Bold Approach: an essay. 
  • Scramble: An extremely fair creation of a word is seemingly predetermined. 
  • Phonebook Prediction: An addition to a routine by Banachek. 
  • My Yellow Ball that Fooled Marc Oberon: a ball under cup routine that will also fool your audience! 
  • Kicker Chirp: A modern and novel piece of mentalism. 
  • Lazy Mentalists: An essay. 
  • Push Slide Peek: A card peek. 
  • A Little Lead In: A propless concept. 
  • P.I. (Personal Identification): A revelation of something personal.



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Roulette by Chris Rawlins (Digital Version)