Zoom Scorpion System by Lewis Le Val (Digital Version)

Scorpion System by Lewis Le Val (Digital Version)

The Scorpion System by Lewis Le Val is a clever method for not only secretly discovering your spectator’s star sign, but also to give them a reading without ever having to memorise anything!

You will be turning 12 of your business cards into an incredibly useful Astrology cards system, loaded with information to inspire content for readings, and with a secret system in place that will allow you to know your spectator’s sign without any effort required!

No sleight of hand
No anagrams
No markings on the backs of the cards

Your spectator can also keep the card containing their sign; a perfect way to leave people with your business card after giving them a beautiful Astrology reading!

You don’t need any previous knowledge of Astrology to begin using this system like an expert! Everything is self-contained, and is practically self working!


After asking your spectator if they believe that the stars above can influence our behaviour here on earth, they somehow manage to “accidentally” draw the constellation pattern of their own astrological sign! Disguised as an automatic writing experiment, this routine is beautifully simple, and only requires the use of one basic sleight that you absolutely already know how to do!


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Scorpion System by Lewis Le Val (Digital Version)