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Silvia Stjärna - Healers Touch (eBook)

Silvia Stjärna - Healers Touch (eBook)

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Healer’s Touch is the perfect performance piece for the mentalist with a mystical or even shamanic style.

Imagine being able to channel healing energy into the body of your spectator, which results in GENUINE positive and healing changes to their life.

You will also be able to prove and visibly demonstrate the before and after effects of your healing touch by simply using a pendulum.

In this PDF you will learn everything you need to know to harness the power of the Healer’s Touch and begin using it right away.

This is serious work, yet simple and elegant to perform. Whilst Healer’s Touch can be performed in just a couple of minutes, you could even stretch it into a 20 minute healing session.

Here you will gain a powerful new skill, and it is far easier than you may think.

Healer’s Touch can be used anywhere from one to one settings to large group exercises. 
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