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The Classified Drawing Duplication by Chris Rawlins (eBook)

The Classified Drawing Duplication by Chris Rawlins (eBook)

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"When Chris revealed his amazing drawing duplication, I knew immediately that it was something truly exceptional. I was so impressed by its uniqueness that I made an offer to acquire exclusive ownership of this masterpiece, an offer that was impossible to refuse. Today, I'm delighted to present this extraordinary piece to you for only 5 dollars. You might wonder why the price is so low, and the answer is simple. I'm fed up with the exorbitant prices charged by major magic companies for mentalism tricks. Their pricing strategies seem ridiculous to me. So, it's my pleasure to disrupt the status quo." - José Prager
The performer invites the spectator to think of a simple picture, something they can draw. A small pay envelope is removed, that contains a single piece of blank card. The envelope is seen to be otherwise empty. The spectator makes a drawing secretly and slides their image facing down inside of the envelope, which they immediately hold between their hands.


The performer vocalizes some minor difficulty in clearly understanding the drawn image and explains: “People, when asked to draw anything, tend to decide on what it is they are about to draw and to see that in their mind with absolute clarity. Then, when they draw the image, the details become lost, or they choose to simplify the drawing under the pressure of the task they have been assigned to do. What I understand right now is that you have drawn something, but most likely in a way that is open to interpretation. For example, in the past, I’ve had people think about a pyramid but only draw a simple triangle. So, can you think of a single word that describes your image with absolute clarity?”


The spectator removes their image and writes their word underneath their drawing. They are then invited to fold the image into quarters or if they like to scrunch it up into a loose ball, then isolate the image back inside the envelope, which is sealed and to continue to hold everything.

You are now able to draw an image that is the same as theirs, and best of all, you are able to leave them with everything.

At no point do you switch or steal anything.

No peeking at their word.

You see everything; there are no ‘dead zones.’

You are not listening to the pen.

Everything you leave them with can be examined.

No AN or CT.

No holes or window on the envelope.

Only one envelope is used.No carbon paper.

They can draw on any surface. 

No “see-through” principle. 

Extremely easy to do!

Extremely deceptive!

It will fool absolutely everyone. Every time. Guaranteed. 

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