The Whisper Tapes Vol. 10 Expert Witness by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)


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By simply observing your spectator’s free choices, you will be able to find the hidden object, every. single. time.

For example, there are three envelopes on the table. Whilst your back is turned, your spectator freely selects any envelope to hide an object inside. Once they have finished mixing the envelopes around, you will always know EXACTLY which envelope contains the object!

- Perform with anything (cups, business cards, bags, matchboxes, coins, bottle caps, etc.)
- Can be performed 100% hands off. Once the routine starts, you never have to touch anything, ever again.
- NO switches
- NO moves
- NO gimmicks
- NO forcing
- NO questions or weird instructions. Your spectators can remain silent throughout
- Every decision made by your spectator is a completely free choice
- Works every time
- Instantly repeatable

At the beginning, you genuinely do not know where the object is hidden. By the end, you know exactly where it is.

This routine relies on an old and underused logical concept that has been stripped of its suspicious handling and given a new approach. In this double length volume of The Whisper Tapes, Le Val shares not only the method and handling for this routine, but a number of different presentational ideas, including a way of adapting this to stage and using members of your audience instead of envelopes or cards, etc.

Once you understand the basic concept, you will be able to perform this routine almost anywhere at any time, and we are sure that Expert Witness will find a permanent place in your mentalism repertoire!

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