Zoom The Whisper Tapes Vol.12: Starlight by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)

The Whisper Tapes Vol.12: Starlight by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)


Walk up to any amount of people and INSTANTLY know all of their star signs! 

You take out one business card for every person in the group. You then turn to the first of them and ask them to think of their star sign. Before they even say ANYTHING, you write down your prediction on a card. Then, moving on to the next person you repeat this process, again writing your prediction before they say anything out loud. 

Once you’ve written a prediction for everyone involved, the stack of predictions are passed around so that everyone can take the card you wrote for them. On the count of three, everyone turns their card face up and sees that not only did you correctly predict their star sign, but everyone else’s star sign too! 

Starlight is a smooth and straightforward routine that is very easy to do and works every time. They think of their star signs, and you correctly predict them. It’s as simple as that.

A part of the method for Starlight utilises a very old mentalism concept, but the structure and handling bury the method and enhance the mystery. This routine is also performed completely cold, meaning you do not need a secret piece of information to begin with, and there are no peeks or forces. Once you’ve done the 60 second set up, you are ready to walk up to any group of people and begin predicting star signs! 

At the end of the download, Le Val also shares some handling variations, performance tips and some ideas on how you could perform Starlight with another subject rather than using star signs.

Please note: This is not a method for gaining information. It is a routine in which it appears as though you can predict everybody’s star sign by simply reading their mind.


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The Whisper Tapes Vol.12: Starlight by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)