Zoom The Whisper Tapes Vol 2: The Thought Seer by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)

The Whisper Tapes Vol 2: The Thought Seer by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)


Read the thoughts of every member of your audience.

In Vol 2 of The Whisper Tapes, Le Val shares a fantastic routine known as The Thought Seer. Cleverly designed for walk around or casual performances, the routine happens as follows;

Every spectator is handed a small piece of paper.
They write/draw whatever you ask of them. (A free choice of any word/number/shape etc)

The papers are folded and collected, then shuffled by a spectator.

One by one, each piece is held in your closed fist, and you are able to accurately describe what is written or drawn on the paper, AND who it belongs to!

Points to remember:

- You can reveal ANY information

- NO gimmicks

- NO setup

- Start and end completely CLEAN!

While it is recommended to perform this routine for 3-5 people, it can be performed for any number of spectators.

At the end of this download, Le Val also shares a variation of the method, with a useful tip that was inspired by Derren Brown. This variation does require a very small set up that only takes seconds, but can make a huge difference!

Never again leave an audience with anyone feeling like this missed out. READ EVERYONE’S THOUGHTS TODAY!


The Whisper Tapes Vol 2: The Thought Seer by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)


Customer Reviews

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Great Method

I used this principle once for some friends and they realized what I was doing. I am sure no one will realize the method with this simple handling. The simple gesture when the move takes place is so natural no spectator will believe any move was done.

Ryan Fricke
Strong material

Lewis LeVal has constructed a pseudo-psychometry/ pseudo- Q and A routine, which is very easy to follow and taught very well in the course of the download explanation. He teaches a couple of handlings of this routine in which he creates a justification for the billet usage. This justification also allows for him to gain secret information in the most overt way possible with no heat on the billets themselves. The second routine he teaches completely removed the need to gain secret information on the fly and has more of a built in justification. Lewis is very good at explaining the routines and going back through to makes sure that no items are missed throughout the explanation. Overall this is very attainable and worth the cost of the download. I believe with this download individuals can get lots of performance mileage.

Best purchase in a long time

Nowadays there is a lot mentalism material but most of it is ****! I love Lewis thinking about the simplicity of how he creates, structures and justifies a lot of his routines. This is definitely one of the best purchases i have made that makes me feel excited to perform.

Lucas C
Awesome new principle

The majority of this trick is as old as dirt, but there's one subtlety that I haven't come across before that was worth its weight in gold. It's really a whole principle that instantly adds a convincer to a routine that's otherwise been done to death.


I am yet to come across a release by Lewis Le Val that either disappointed me or that didn't go straight away in my set/tool box.

This is probably my favourite so far, a perfect example of how you can take the most ancient and basic techniques in magic and create something truly beautiful.

You probably already guessed the principles in action in this routine but Lewis' subtleties and ideas are a joy to learn.

As usual everything is explained clearly, I have been looking for a method for a q&a that fits me for quite a while and I never thought I'd find it in a $9.95 release.

Oh almost forgot, the "Derren Brown inspired handling" will give you food for thought for a while and can really be the seed for you to make your own routine unique.

Best money I spent in magic for quite a while.