The Whisper Tapes Vol. 6 Blind Choice by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)


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A simple but extremely effective technique that allows you to force ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.

A list of items written on a business card is handed to your spectator. They hold this card behind their back and commit to one of the items, sight unseen, by marking the card with a pen. Whilst still behind their back, they fold the card again.

You then ask them to place this card under the pocket clip of the pen, and hold onto it until the very end of the routine.

You can now continue with the effect, safe in the knowledge that when your spectator opens that card again, they will see that they have marked/chosen the exact item you needed them to!

This force WORKS EVERY TIME. The super simple method also allows you to concentrate more on your presentation, to give your audience the best experience you can.

In this download, Le Val not only shares this forcing technique with you, but also his favourite routine that utilises the force. With a second phase using a deck of playing cards and an item you almost certainly already own, The Blind Choice routine will make you look like an expert in psychological influence.

Le Val also discusses the Top Of The Head subtlety, a clever linguistic trick that can be applied to almost any mentalism routine to encourage truly unexplainable moments to appear in your mentalism performances!


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