Zoom The Whisper Tapes Vol.8 - Psych Forces 01 by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)

The Whisper Tapes Vol.8 - Psych Forces 01 by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)

In this double length volume, Le Val discusses psychological forces. Techniques that you can use to secretly give your spectators a push closer to choosing exactly what you want them to choose, whilst maintaining the feeling of free choice.


As you may know, psychological forces do not work 100% of the time, but with the techniques, tips and subtleties shared in this volume, you will be well on your way to influencing your spectators choices with a greater accuracy and hit rate, using nothing more than your words and gestures.


Techniques included in this download:



The Hotel - A conversational piece surrounding an imaginary hotel room. This is Le Val’s most reliable way of forcing a particular city. No clues or hints are given to your spectator, leaving them feeling as though they could have thought of anywhere in the world. There is also advice provided on how this technique can be used to force more items such as playing cards, numbers, etc. On top of that, Le Val discusses ideas for two different routines that both make use of this force.


ESP - Some creatively worded, short scripts that will allow you to force different ESP symbols. These sentences rely on the use of verbal imagery to guide your spectator towards choosing the symbols you want them to choose.


Finger Tips - Some offbeat ideas that involve the use of your spectator's fingers to force numbers, words, objects, etc. One of these techniques may also be used with business/tarot/ESP/playing cards for a force that happens in your spectator’s hands!


Throughout this download, you will also find numerous little subtleties and nuances that will not only help you with psychological forcing, but may also find their way into other aspects of your mentalism performances too.



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The Whisper Tapes Vol.8 - Psych Forces 01 by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)