Zoom The Whisper Tapes Vol. 9 The New ESP by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)

The Whisper Tapes Vol. 9 The New ESP by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)


Emotionally Stimulated Precognition is a set of 5 symbols that have each been chosen to represent 5 different aspects of our lives. These are the 5 most common subjects that people like to hear about during any form of reading.


All existing ESP routines can be performed with these new symbols, as well as plenty more. The biggest difference being that your spectators will care 100% more about these symbols, as they represent their own lives. So in your routines, you are no longer revealing basic shapes, you are revealing the lives and emotions of others.


To make use of this system and begin performing instantly, all you need is a pen and some business cards.


This download contains:


- An explanation of the new symbols and why they have been chosen.
- A discussion on why it is now, even easier to force a “star”.
- How you can use these symbols without having to mark the cards in any way.
- A false shuffle.
- A brief explanation on how you can mark the cards if you want to.
- An explanation on how you can use these cards to provide the easiest reading EVER without memorising anything.
- Some basic routine ideas utilising the one ahead system.


At the end of this download, Le Val also shares a super clean technique that you can use to force any of the symbols. With a quick setup that can be done in front of your spectators, you hand them the 5 cards which they shuffle behind their back. They turn a card face up, then bring the cards back around to the front and spread them in their hands. The card that they have turned face up will ALWAYS be the one that you wanted to force! Works every time, and does not rely on sticky stuff or anything like that.


This is The New ESP. Will it replace the original in your repertoire? Download today and find out!


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The Whisper Tapes Vol. 9 The New ESP by Lewis Le Val (Video Download)