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Witch Doctor by Lewis Le Val (eBook)

Witch Doctor by Lewis Le Val (eBook)

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In this 83-page ebook, Le Val shares with us a collection of routines with an esoteric, mystical approach, along with some extremely thought-provoking and inspirational essays, subtleties, and presentational angles.
Witch Doctor is different. Le Val lays his soul bare, which can be felt through his writing, touching on subjects yet to be discussed in the field of mentalism.
LAW OF EMOTION: An entirely propless method to know which particular aspect of life a spectator is merely thinking of. While the method does involve a concept you may be familiar with, the subtleties involved in this routine are what take this classic principle to the next level. It is a perfect way of introducing the possibility of mind reading, as well as being the ideal introduction to any sort of oracular reading you may perform.
PRAYER OF THE SEEKER: Inspired by the practices of ancient civilisations, your spectator is guided through a ritual which will determine whether they will become masters of their own destiny, or victims of fate. Based on the ‘Free Will’ plot with a clever approach to method, subtlety and presentation, this engaging routine is sure to become a favourite amongst those who wish to bring something that goes beyond entertainment to their audiences. No prediction or skill of the performer is perceived, as the spectator is seemingly able to tap into a greater, intuitive part of themselves. You already own everything you need to begin performing this routine right away. In the explanation, Le Val uses his own, handmade props, but also explains how you can achieve exactly the same effect using business cards or coins.
TALK TO ME: Has there ever been a more useful justification script for using a peek wallet than this? Dust off your old wallets as now, putting a spectator’s written thought back into your own wallet makes perfect sense!
THE STORYTELLER: A fantastic concept that you can insert into any mentalism routine to appear as though you know the intimate memories of your spectators. This looks like pure mind reading and can enhance the routines you currently perform. With nothing to memorise, Le Val shares the core method, which is purely verbal, along with some beautiful subtleties and a handful of clever techniques he acquired through working as a full time storyteller for over three years.
THE ANCESTOR: This is a fairly heavy routine and borders on ‘taboo’. Whilst simple in method and execution, using only business cards and a pen, it can be deeply emotional and must not be taken lightly. A magical moment occurs after a spectator is able to communicate with a departed loved one through their thoughts and memories. The performer then appears to whisper the answer to life’s greatest mystery into the ear of the spectator, to which they have a visible emotional reaction. The message and metaphor behind this routine are extraordinarily beautiful, uplifting, inspiring, and often healing. This is not mediumship and never appears or claims to be, however, it is not often a mentalism routine literally comes with a warning.
ISLAND OF THE WINDS: Le Val shares his current way of thinking about performing mentalism, and how a subtle shift in our thinking can give our performances and intentions a lot more meaning and a greater level of importance.
OCEAN WISDOM: An alternative approach to mind reading from the typical, baseline mentalist mindset. How could we begin to genuinely read minds and where do our ‘received thoughts’ actually come from when performing? Once embraced, this paradigm could open up a wide range of possibilities in what we are capable of. Included is a wonderful line that you can use in your performances that explains what thoughts are, and perfectly clarifies the difference between thought reading and mind reading.
THE GREAT FLOOD: A technique that you can use to establish an altered state in your spectators, in which mind reading could seemingly happen. As well as literally feeling the moment you are able to tune in to their mind, your spectator will also become fully immersed in the performance, rather than being an observer. This is the ‘wave of the wand’ for mentalists, the actual moment the mind reading takes place. We often tell spectators to ‘send us their thoughts’, well this will show them how to do it.
Le Val also talks about how a life changing encounter with a Shaman in the Amazon Rainforest changed his perspective on mentalism, and at the end of the book shares the terrifying but awe-inspiring true story of how he had to 'accept his own death’, in order to experience something beyond human understanding, during the end of his time studying and learning in the jungle.


This material is for the serious performer. If you are looking for shiny new methods to play with, you will not find them here. What you will find is a book of workable material, jam packed with a huge amount of clever subtleties, presentational points, handlings, verbal deceptions, inner truths, inspiring thoughts and much more.
Everything in this publication is easy to do and utilize and relies mostly on the presence and persona of the performer.

Customer Reviews

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Edwin Todd
My favourite magic/Mentalism book

I have followed Lewis’ work for several years and this is my favourite so far of his or anyone’s. He has so many thoughts on making Mentalism more powerful, more useful, healing and Real. I have long been obsessed with the ideas of real magic/Mentalism and the experiences he talks about from the Amazon are so awesome. I even found a new rapper in this book😂. Honestly brilliant thank you Lewis I think this should be read by anyone who wants to create the realest experiences for their audience.

Ryan Fricke
Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor is an amazing manuscript from a brilliant creator. Lewis continues to astound me with the thoughtfulness and care he put into each of his manuscripts. Lewis’s perspective really makes people sit back and think about true theater and what we as performers are attempting to elicit from the ones they entertain. This ebook explores concepts that are well known within the art of mentalism. Such as anagrams, free will plots, peeks along with a few other key concepts in mentalism. The ideas in this manuscript really turn everything on its head for me. Each of these routines and thoughts throughout this book are certainly routines that I will study and continue to perform regularly. One of the things that set Lewis’s work apart from others is his recent and fantastic dedication to making mentalism mean something. Sure telling someone their pin code or star sign, but the question is “why”. Lewis has created within this release and many of his more recent releases scripts and concepts that delve into that why. Thanks so much for releasing this manuscript, what you continue to teach me is the importance of making mentalism real, meaningful and doing it with sincerity.

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